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Flippo, Kari Curriculum & Instruction - TOSA
Perkins, LaKeeta TOSA
King, Aaron Principal
Burruss, Linda Assistant Principal
Brown, Shannon Assistant Principal

Anders, Theresa Special Ed/Collaborative Teacher
Bachmann,  MSgt (Ret) Jeffrey Air Force JROTC
Bailey, Beth English Language Arts and Newspaper
Baker, Jeffrey Math
Ballard, Barbara Business Education/Commerce&Information Technology
Bean, Ronald Library/Academic Team
Bishop, Amy English
Bolton, Vera Foreign Language
Borden, Blake Athletic Director/Social Studies/Entertainment Technology Academy
Bowers, Melvin Career Tech
Bowman, Tanya English
Boyd, Jared
Brennan, Katherine Social Studies/Swim
Brewer, Alyse
Brewster, Shameeka English
Brown, Chris Social Studies
Brown, Leigh AP Chemistry/Honors Chemistry
Brown, Leigh Counselor
Brown, Shannon Assistant Principal
Browning, Meghan Theatre Arts
Bryant, Graciela Health Education/Cross Country/Track
Carter, Laura Social Studies/Softball
Childers, Annmarie Math
Clark, Ann Math
Cloud, Lindsey Spanish
Coleman, Sarah Choral
Conway, Jeannette Science
Cruse, Dalia Math - Freshman Academy
Culpepper, Julie English
Davis, Neena Business - Freshman Academy
Dennis, Amanda Foreign Language/Latin
Dewberry, Janon Math
Doll, Holly Collaborative
Donahoo, Melanie English/Volleyball
Doss, Lorri English
Dotts, Kathleen English - Freshman Academy
Doyle, Yvonne
Evans, Chase AP Calculus/PLTW Engineering
Flippo, Kari Curriculum & Instruction - TOSA
Fullerton, Tagan Science - Freshman Academy
Green, Bethany Social Studies
Gunter, Shannon Math
Hall, Drew Social Studies - Freshman Academy
Harris, Patrick Driver's Ed/Wrestling
Helms, Stephani Art - Freshman Academy
Holbert, Melanie Special Education
Holder, Katherine Collaborative
Holt, Mike Collaborative
Irons, Hyacinth Math - Freshman Academy
Ivey, Stuart Band Director
Johnson, Krystle Math
Johnson, Tyler Social Sciences
Jones, Tina Social Studies
Knowles, Cynthia
Kreger, Timothy Physical Education
Lane, Tamra English-Freshman Academy
Lang, Jeffrey Social Studies
Larose, Rachel Art - Ceramics and Crafts
Lett, Hannah English
Long, Carlos Math
Loudon, Joel Art
McAlister, Joel Social Studies
McBeth, Christina English - Freshman Academy
McBrayer, Sherrill Physical Education
McGraw, Lillian Science
Mendenhall, Taylor Math Teacher / Soccer Coach
Moon, Maryann Social Studies/12th Grade Sponsor/Academic Team
Morton, Reece Collaborative - 10th Grade / Tennis
Mosby, Quaynteece 10th Grade Counselor
Mucci, Dana Foreign Language/Spanish
Muhammad, Cory Social Studies
Murphy, David JROTC
Noblitt, Jason Anatomy and Physiology / Geology
Olejnik, Michele Social Studies- Econ, Gov, AP Econ, Ambassadors Sponsor
Otto, Lorinda Special Education
Paquette, Pamela Business Teacher
Pate, Cliff Math
Payne, Richard Social Studies
Perkins, LaKeeta TOSA
Piner, Wendy Library Media Specialst (LMS)
Quintela, Cynthia Art/Dance Team - Freshman Academy
Redfield, Renee Collaborative
Reeves, Whitney Family and Consumer Science
Robinson, April Science
Rowell, Elaine Social Studies
Sanders, April Health Science
Schultz, LeaAnne Honors Chemistry & Advanced Chemistry
Self, Bill Health Education
Sharp, David English
Shoulders, Nicole Social Studies
Stallworth, Chrysantha Honors Biology--Freshman Academy
Steger, Fredrick Special Education
Stephens, Sarah
Taylor, Catherine Guidance Counselor
Taylor, Gregory Social Studies
Townsend, Kara
Vinson, Dana Foreign Language/French/Student Council
Walker, Jacqueline Food and Nutrition
Watson, Robert 11th Grade Counselor
Webber, Shari Science
Whitener, David Guidance - Freshman Academy
Wilhoit, Elisha Science
Williams, Julie English
Wolf, Yuni Math
Woodfin, Clint Drivers Education
Woods, Patricia Business Education
Young, Terrance Math/Track and Field

Almond, Denny Bookkeeper
Glass, Leeann Nurse
Irvin, Larrisha Main Office
Jolliff, Debbie Registrar
Stone, Taryn Attendance
Swearengin, Mistie Administrative Assistant
Thomas, Tyrel ISS

Miller, Lisa PTSA
Taylor, Elise PTSA